Title Update 3 for FIFA 21 is out on PC now, a couple days ahead of its rollout on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There’s a long list of changes to EA’s annual football title – and unfortunately, none of them address the perennial cheating problem that FIFA fans face on PC. However, if you’re a seasoned expert playing at the upper difficulties, this patch may have some extra mustard for you.

Specifically, EA has boosted the difficulty of the new Competitor Mode, which is a modifier available for Legendary and Ultimate difficulty levels. It’s a new feature in FIFA this year, and it gives the football game’s AI a better command of the box of tools available to the player – when Competitor Mode is switched on, the computer-controlled team will use skill moves more effectively, and in general put up a more complex and stiffer fight against the best tactics you can throw at it.

That mode has been given a shot in the arm in Title Update 3, and EA says you can expect to see the most dramatic changes in how the AI defends against your counter-attacks. You may have gotten the ball away from them, but the CPU’s team isn’t going to let you stroll down the pitch and lob it in.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fifa-21/title-update-3