“The longer you work with a tool, the better you become at using it”.

The release of Crysis Remastered on Switch has left many a gamer who remembers trying to get that massively taxing game running well on a PC back in the late 2000s scratching their heads in disbelief. We’re still putting the game through its paces for review but, by most accounts, the handheld Switch version holds up rather well.

Of course, Crysis isn’t the first FPS CryEngine game to come to Switch; free-to-download online shooter Warface landed on Nintendo’s console earlier this year and impressed us with its enjoyably old school action. To find out a little more about the technical challenges of getting a CryEngine first-person shooter on Switch’s mobile chipset, we caught up with Ivan Pabiarzhyn, Franchise Producer at Warface to discuss how the talented team managed it.

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