“We had cool stuff working”.

Argonaut Software is a name that long-time Nintendo fans will be intimately familiar with; the UK-based firm worked with Nintendo on its Super FX chip, the cartridge-based hardware that made titles like Star Fox, Stunt Race FX and Yoshi’s Island possible. However, Argonaut’s interest in tech didn’t end there; the company – driven by its visionary founder, Jez San – would continue to divide its focus between software and hardware for most of its existence (it was in the running to supply the chip for the PlayStation 2, for example).

Over the years, several unreleased Argonaut projects have come to light, one of which was mentioned in a Eurogamer interview with San back in 2013. The Super Visor was to be a revolutionary Virtual Reality headset that could have kicked off VR gaming 20 years before the Oculus Rift arrived on the scene. Last year, San spoke about it a little more to UK newspaper Metro, but we wanted to get the full story on this remarkable piece of kit – and recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with San in his London office for a chat about the past.

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