Answer the challenge of Cellar Door Games’ Teddy Lee.

Welcome back to our ongoing Super Nindie Maker 2 series where game developers create Super Mario Maker 2 levels for the pleasure of you lovely people. In the previous feature we received a bumper crop of crafty courses from Playtonic Games and before that we had a tight autoscroll Airship course from the level designer of Shovel Knight.

Next to accept the challenge is Teddy Lee, co-founder of Cellar Door Games and lead designer on the excellent Rogue Legacy and also-excellent Full Metal Furies. As detailed below, this was Teddy’s first brush with Mario Maker (not that you’d know from the result!), so massive props to him for taking the time and sharing his first ever course with us. It’s puzzle-themed and he’s been kind enough to provide solutions and some design notes (scroll to the bottom of the page), so there’s help at hand if you get stuck.

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