It’s a bug feature.

Of all the developers putting out games today, Nintendo has possibly the best reputation for delivering rock-solid, glitch-free and glorious gaming experiences. The patented ‘Nintendo polish’ is something of a given when you fire up a first-party game – we expect an assuredly smooth, jank-less time where in games from ‘lesser’ developers you might expect the odd freeze or hard crash. Hey, that’s the Nintendo difference!

The thing is, though, Nintendo-published games have had their fair share of game-breaking (if not game-ending) bugs over the years. We’re not only talking about fun glitches people discover while poking around where they shouldn’t, or hardcore speedrun exploits mined through many hours of work picking at the seams of the game world and actively trying to ‘break’ the game. There are also plenty of bugs that can cause the average player serious problems if they stumble into them.

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