Maximum fun, minimum fuss.

So, you’re having a party – possibly on a rooftop – dancing to the music and all that jazz, but there’s suddenly a lull. Fear not because we’ve got just the thing to get the party started again! Nintendo Switch has a whole host of crowd-pleasing co-op and competitive party games, whether you’re hosting a birthday party for a bunch of kids, throwing a casual soirée for a few select dinner guests or you’ve got all the furniture in the garage. Regardless of the function, you’re sure to find games here to cater for all occasions.

Below you’ll find our picks – in no particular order – for the best party games on Switch. There’s no shortage of brilliant co-op games on Switch, but some games require a little more thought, consideration and co-ordination than the average party-goer might be ready for (or capable of). For this selection we’ve chosen games that work best with lots of people, including spectators, and ones that let anybody join in with the minimum of fuss.

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