When most people think of Fallout, it’s in the “modern” 3D form that emerged just over 10 years ago with Fallout 3, which introduced the franchise to mainstream success. But before that, the series had been anchored on two fiddly, grainy RPGs developed by Interplay. While Bethesda took the natural step of taking its new vision for Fallout into the massively multiplayer space with Fallout 76, fans around the world have made a series of MMOs based on the original 2D games.

The games are all based on a system called FOnline, and they’re a rough collection of several distinct projects, each worked on by different groups of independent volunteers, modders, and developers around the world. Some are Russian-language only, a few have emerged, lived, and eventually died, and now there’s a new one on the way: FOnline 3, currently in development by someone who goes by KompreSor.

The goal for FOnline 3, he told PCGamesN over Discord, is ultimately to replace the abandoned FOnline Reloaded. It’s based on another iteration called FOnline Aftertimes, which KompreSor spent some time helping develop.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fallout-2-a-post-nuclear-role-playing-game/fonline-3-trailer