One of the lead developers of Fallout: New Vegas is celebrating the RPG game’s tenth anniversary with a pair of charity livestreams. The streams, the first yesterday, and the second today, will involve playing and discussing the open-world game while taking donations for the California Wildfire Relief Fund.

Josh Sawyer, the director of Fallout: New Vegas, and studio design director at developer Obsidian Entertainment, is hosting two marathon charity streams on Twitch for a decade of the Fallout spinoff. During the streams, viewers can donate money to California Wildfire Relief, a non-profit that assists people and services affected by Californian wildfires. Each dollar of a donation earns you at least one ticket in a raffle for the last remaining Mojave Express patches, real life versions of those seen in New Vegas.

The version being played isn’t any regular New Vegas – it’s using the JSawyer overhaul mod, a quasi-director’s cut mod that fixes, fine-tunes, and re-balances the action-adventure game. The alterations are largely things the team had hope to include in the finished version but couldn’t due to time restraints.

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