The Shenmue series has always been known for its epic scope and cinematic storytelling – by the standards of the time, at least – but its dialogue has always been just corny enough to be a constant source of ridicule. Well, Ryu’s classic sailor-seeking questions will get some competition in Shenmue 3, judging by examples the ESRB has just revealed.

One character in the Shenmue 3 will say “I pray my hubby gains some pep to his step…in bed.” Another will give us the gem “whoa, check out the pair on that one” – presumably, this person is talking about the hind legs of the turtle racing competitors. We’ve got another great dialogue example with “the scumbags trying to extort money from any shop owner with boobs.”

Reading the clinical description of the naughties in an official ESRB description is always a great time, and even the teen-rated Shenmue 3 has some good stuff. Horrid language like “the words ‘a*s,’ ‘b*tch,’ and ‘pr*ck,’” are in there, as are women in “outfits with low cut tops that reveal large amounts of cleavage.” (‘Mild suggestive themes,’ indeed.)

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