Patch 0.12.9 is out now for Escape from Tarkov, and it brings with it a rework of the Woods map, new stats for ammunition, and some new weapons. Perhaps most importantly, it’s also a wipe – meaning all character and quest progression, as well as all the gear and in-game money players have collected, gets reset to zero.

This has proven controversial in the Tarkov community, as the 12.9 patch wasn’t initially anticipated to include a wipe. However, Battlestate Games community manager Tobias Solem says that it was a necessary step for the patch given the changes the patch makes not only to the game’s economy, but to its back-end. Solem posted an FAQ to the Tarkov forums early Thursday.

“[W]ipes occur when there are significant enough changes that require a completely wiped slate,” Solem writes. “Calls like these can be last-minute, for example a last minute choice about adding content to a patch that requires larger changes to the database.” He says that when wipes are announced well in advance, many people stop playing the game.

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