Earlier this year, some competitive Fortnite players noticed that a lot of top-placing players hadn’t received prize money from the tournaments they had placed in. They collected as much information on missing prize payouts as they could and took it to Epic. It turns out, Epic was missing bank and tax information from a significant number of players, making it difficult or impossible to make the payments.

Since then, Epic has worked on replacing its prize payout system, and players from the latest competitive season – the one leading up to the World Cup last weekend – are being invited to come on board now.
Fortnite’s new system uses Hyperwallet, an online payout system owned by PayPal. Epic says this new system will make it easier for players to update and verify their personal, banking, and tax withholding information, expediting the prize payout process.

“Once a player has been successfully verified, our payment partner, Hyperwallet, will send an Account Activation email to that player, or if a minor, to that player’s parent or legal guardian whose information was provided in the tax verification step,” Epic explains in a new blog post.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/fortnite/new-prize-payout-system