Energizer phones typically make the headlines with 18,000mAh batteries, but Avenir Telecom (the maker behind the brand) also makes simple phones that just work. We don’t know the official story, but our guess is that the Energizer E12 is called that because it costs just €12.

It’s a feature phone that prides itself on being small and simple. Weighing just 91g and being 50mm wide makes this positively tiny by today’s standards. The 1,000mAh battery isn’t outrageous, but it’s enough for a week of standby or 8 hours of music.

Speaking of music, the phone has dedicated media keys below…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/energizer_e12_is_a__euro12_dualsim_phone_with_a_microsd_slot_and_media_buttons-news-37697.php