Ghost Simulator, the hit ghost hunting adventure game on
Roblox, has just landed on Xbox One! Don your
trusty ghost vacuums, Robloxians. We’ve got an entire world to exorcise.

It’s easy to get sucked into the world of Ghost Simulator (no pun intended). From the vibrant medley of environments to the vast number of quests, there’s plenty of ghostbusting charm for players on Xbox One of all ages. As the newest recruit on an elite ghost-hunting squad, you’ve been tasked with ridding the world of these pesky poltergeists once and for all. But fear not—armed with a special specter-snagging vacuum, you’ll be more than equipped to handle the job. After you latch onto a ghost, it’ll take a bit of time before it’s all vacuumed up; the more players that are helping you, the faster they’ll be defeated. You can then sell your captured ghoulies for Ecto-Tokens, which can be exchanged for more powerful vacuums and larger backpack capacity.

Roblox - Ghost Simulator

Those gear upgrades will come in handy early
on, especially when you start going up against even bigger, badder banshees.
These boss battle events reward you with a ton of experience points and loot,
so it’s in your best interest to complete them as soon as they appear.

Ghost Simulator was created by a team of five Roblox developers from BloxByte Games
(goro7, Thexz, didi1147, MakkieMon, and CovenK) over a period of four months.
To this day, the game is still being updated with new
features, quests, biomes, bosses, NPCs, and more.

Roblox - Ghost Simulator

“When you put five very creative minds
together, you get a lot of crazy ideas, and Ghost
was one of them,” said BloxByte’s lead developer, goro7. “Our top
priority was making a game that players would truly love and enjoy.”

And they have. Ghost Simulator today is akin to a massive role-playing game, with
a slowly unfolding story, a rich collection of NPCs and quests, the ability for
players to trade in-game collectibles, an expansive world to explore, and so
much more. If this is your first time playing Ghost Simulator, be sure to interact with the other ghost hunters
you meet on your journey and focus on completing their initial questlines. In
addition to providing helpful rewards, these NPCs will guide you through the
game as you explore all its unique features and mechanics. 

Roblox - Ghost Simulator

“To our current fans, I cannot thank you
enough for getting us to where we are now!” said goro7. “Ghost Simulator’s success has changed all of our lives on the
BloxByte team, and we are all extremely happy to continually add to and improve
the Ghost Simulator experience. To
any newcomers, welcome! I hope you enjoy Ghost
as much as we enjoyed making it!”

You can follow BloxByte Games on Twitter
to stay up-to-date on the game’s development and learn more about the ongoing
battle between Robloxians and the ghosts. 

Get locked, loaded, and ready to bust some spirits in Ghost Simulator. Play it now on Xbox One!

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