EE is known for offering the fastest 4G speeds of any mobile phone network – it’s not always quite as famous for offering the best prices. But the network has just reduced the prices of its tariffs on the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 as well as the Google Pixel.

It’s not quite Black Friday 2017 come early, but with six months to go until the big day, some of these new prices are certainly worth a look. The network is now offering a 5GB iPhone 7 tariff for less than £30 a month, while its new deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a generous 8GB of data now leads the market – and you can’t buy a Galaxy S7 cheaper anywhere else.

What’s more, we can get you an extra £10 off the upfront cost of any mobile at (as long as you’re not buying the Galaxy S8). Take one of these deals from, enter the code 10OFF at the checkout, and you’ll see a tenner magically fritter away from the purchase price.

Keep reading to see our pick of the all new EE pricing, or head to our best EE phone deals page for everything the network’s offering.

iPhone 7 32GB

5GB data | £115 upfront  (with 10OFF code)| Unlimited calls and texts | £27.99 per month
With this kind of pricing on the iPhone 7, we’d normally expect to see a data allowance of 1GB, or 2GB if you’re really lucky. EE has managed to give you a much more generous 5GB for less than £30 a month, which brings it in at under £800 for the length of the contract. Great deal. Total cost over 24 months is £786.76

View this 32GB iPhone 7 deal: at

iPhone 7 128GB

8GB data | £65 upfront (with 10OFF code) | Unlimited calls and texts | £37.99 per month
Opting for more storage on your iPhone 7 usually means having no choice but to pay a huuuuge upfront cost as well. Use the 10OFF code on this deal and bring the spend down to a very reasonable £65 at the outset. It means you’ll have loads of space for photos and films, but won’t want for data either. Total cost over 24 months is £976.76

View this 128GB iPhone 7 deal: at

Samsung Galaxy S8

8GB data | £50 upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | £37.99pm
This is a really stellar Samsung Galaxy S8 deal. You can’t get 8GB of data – a healthy wedge for listening to Spotify and scrolling through Facebook away from your wi-fi – this cheap on any other network. We like the balance between thrifty upfront price and manageable monthly payments, too. Total cost over 24 months is £961.76

View this Galaxy S8 deal: at 

Samsung Galaxy S7

2GB data | £40 upfront  (with 10OFF code)| Unlimited calls and texts | £22.99 per month
We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a brilliant Android phone – well, EE just brought the total price down under the £600 mark. It’s a fantastic deal  on a fantastic phone, with a mere £22.99 to pay each month. Total cost over 24 months is £591.76

Get this Galaxy S7 deal: from

Google Pixel

8GB data | FREE upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | £37.99pm
‘A breath of fresh air’ is how we described this Android when it was launched just over a year ago, and we could describe this Google Pixel deal in similar terms. £37.99 a month is decent enough in its own right for 8GB of data and unlimited everything else, but it’s the absolutely, positively, indubitably FREE handset that’s making us full of glee. Total cost over 24 months is £911.76

View this Google Pixel deal: at

IS EE a good phone network?

It’s pretty easy to recommend making EE your new phone network. We know that popularity doesn’t always equal quality (Ed Sheeran anyone?), but EE sits as the biggest UK phone network for a reason – largely thanks to its unparalleled 4G speeds.

To lure you in to the massive EE gang, it throws in a few extras, too. A six month subscription to Apple Music and three months free on the BT Sport app (perfect timing for the Champions League final) are the standouts. And if you take broadband with EE as well, then you’ll receive an extra 5GB of data every month on your phone.

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