Dyling Light 2 will feature a map several times larger than its predecessor, and choices players make will impact the world in different ways.

In an interview with Nvidia GeForce, Techland’s chief technology officer Pawel Rohleder discussed the scale of Dying Light 2’s world compared to the first, overhauling the gameplay in light of new technology, and the challenge of managing all the variables when player choice directly affects their environment. Using player reviews as a touchstone, Techland has been working to make the sequel a bigger, better version of everything players enjoyed about the first Dying Light.

Speaking first on technological advancement, Pawel listed the myriad improvements and revamps the team has implemented. “The game world will be four times bigger than the whole game before,” Pawel said. “New animation system, new quest system which will support choices and consequences, new dialogue system, new UI system, and of course, streaming technology, which allows us to make really huge worlds.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/dying-light-2/size