We’ve known for a while that Dual Universe is a hugely ambitious MMO, and each update we’ve seen over the course of its development adds another element to its scope. Developer Novaquark has produced a new trailer that pulls all this together and gives you a snapshot of the scale of Dual Universe, as well as some of the backstory and the economics underpinning the game.

If you haven’t heard about Dual Universe, it’s a spacefaring MMO set in a gigantic shared universe littered with countless planets, each of which can be colonised, mined, and settled – that part is more than a little reminiscent of No Man’s Sky. But Dual Universe also allows you to collaborate with other players to build entire cities, and everything you make in the game is part of a galaxy-spanning economy, one that’s governed by a real, player-driven open market. There’s lots of Eve Online DNA shaping Dual Universe, and that’s not by accident: Novaquark hired one of Eve’s original designers a couple years ago.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/dual-universe/alpha-trailer