Another big Dota Underlords patch is here with a serving of hot dogs and fireworks, bringing new features, balance changes, and a host of small tweaks. Perhaps the biggest change is a broad rework for both types of streaks that will make chains of wins or losses much less lucrative in the long run.

Previously, lose streaks would indefinitely grant you three gold per turn once you reached seven losses. Now, that bonus is capped at two gold per turn once you hit five gold per turn. Similarly, a win streak would give you three gold per turn indefinitely after seven wins – now, you get three gold on the seventh win, four gold on the eighth, and then your streak resets entirely.

The caps make both types of streaks less viable long-term, and might just kill off ‘open forting’ altogether – a popular but controversial Dota Underlords strategy where you avoid buying units and give up the first few rounds of the game to build up a bunch of money, get interest bonuses, and come back strong at the end.

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