Dota 2 used to have a Halloween event. Diretide originally took place in 2012, and returned in 2013 – but only after a community outcry forced Valve to bring the event back. It’s been a meme ever since, but now, here we are, seven years later, and Diretide has once again returned to Dota 2, just (barely) in time for Valve’s MOBA to join the ranks of Halloween games.

The main event is the new version of the Diretide game mode. It’s a best-of-five brawl which challenges you to collect and steal candy from enemies while fighting off Roshan, and it’ll be available until December 22 – so you’ll be able to keep the spooky times rolling well into the Christmas season.

Playing both Diretide and regular Dota during the event will get you Diretide points, and every 100 points will get one of over 75 unique items – you can see all the unlockables for yourself over on the official site.

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