September 6, 2019 The official Doom Twitter feed has hinted that Doom 64 may still come to PC.

The 24th annual QuakeCon event brought with it a lot of news about id Software’s upcoming Doom Eternal – including the introduction to a new demon called the Doom Hunter, and a lot of details about the game’s multiplayer component Battle Mode.

As there’s a lot of Doom-related excitement at the moment, fans of the series may want to replay the previous Doom games – but there’s one that’s never legally been available on PC, and that’s Doom 64. While Bethesda revealed on a Nintendo Direct stream this week that the game would be re-released on Switch, evidence is building that Doom 64 may at last appear on PC, only 22 years late.

Following the announcement that Doom 64 would be coming to Nintendo Switch on November 22 – the same day as Doom Eternal – the official Doom Twitter feed dropped a strong hint that the game may not be exclusive to Switch.

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