Since you’re reading this, on this site, it’s probably a safe assumption that you like Doom. And maybe it’s the new Doom, the one Bethesda and Id put out in 2016. That’s totally fine by us. But if that’s the case, or if it’s the case that you remember the Doom that started it all, have we got a mod for you.

Doom 4 Vanilla is a mod for the original Doom did it. Well, Doom 2, but who’s counting at this point? This is an incredible piece of work that doesn’t just replace weapon skins or enemy sprites, it actually reworks the Doom 2 executable to make that old MS-DOS game more like the 2016 reboot.

In other words, the entire game works more like New Doom does. Imps dash around and try to flank you, the Mancubus has a flamethrower, and your own suite of weapons has been given a millennial makeover, from pistol to rocket launcher to BFG. If you’re a Doom fan, this is very big news and you should probably download this mod immediately if not sooner.

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