Diablo 4 survey hints at potential microtransactions

A Diablo 4 survey sent out by Activision Blizzard has given us a look at some of the potential microtransaction options and cosmetics we could be seeing when the RPG game arrives in 2023. As the Diablo 4 release date gets ever closer, fans are eagerly lapping up any details that might clue us in on what to expect from the next entry in the fantasy game series. Leaks from the ongoing internal beta tests have previously caused discussions about smart loot and trading in Diablo 4, and now attention has turned to possible launch editions, pre-order bonuses, and paid cosmetics that might appear in the action-RPG.

A pricing survey reportedly sent out to players has been posted to the Diablo 4 subreddit. The survey is in German, but user BellasaurusRawr has helpfully translated it into English (the results of which we have corroborated). It’s important to note that these surveys are pretty common – a similar one was recently sent out for cosmetic microtransactions in Overwatch 2 – and Blizzard has previously said that the prices listed are randomly generated per user in an attempt “to better understand player preferences.” This means that you should of course take everything here with a healthy pinch of salt, especially when it comes to pricing.

Nevertheless, the options on offer do give us some more insight into the types of microtransactions we are likely to see when Diablo 4 arrives. Diablo general Manager Rod Fergusson has previously stated that Diablo 4 eschews the model used by mobile crossover game Diablo Immortal, and instead will be a “full price game anchored around optional cosmetic items and full story-driven expansions.”

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