Diablo 3 season 18 begins in one week, and Blizzard has provided the full rundown of what to expect from the latest rotation of content. As has become standard, it’s another themed event – this time, we’ve got the Season of the Triune, playing on the cult built by the Prime Evils way back in Diablo lore.

In practical terms, that means you’re getting the Power of the Triune buff this season, which will occasionally summon circles that offer one of three random buffs while you’re standing in them. The Triune of Love gives you a 100% damage boost, the Triune of Determination makes your resource-based abilities 50% cheaper, and the Triune of Creation speeds up your cooldowns.

The developers say “we wanted to try something different this season, and especially wanted to provide a change to your gameplay from the very first moment you begin your journey.” so that’s why you’re getting a broad seasonal buff that affects everyone this time around. “This buff alters gameplay from level 1 to level 70 and beyond, providing an enticing reason to move around the battlefield to leverage these powerful boosts.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/diablo-3/season-18-release-date