Destiny 2: Shadowkeep lands in just a few weeks, and Bungie plans to continue the live update cadence it set with the game’s recent seasonal update structure. We’ve already got some details on what to expect from the Season of the Undying, but today we’ve got a full roadmap of what to expect following the Shadowkeep release date.

On October 5, Shadowkeep owners will see the launch of the raid, along with the Vex offensive activity as part of the season pass. Hero and legend nightmare hunts come on October 8, followed by master nightmare hunts on October 15. That date will also see the return of Iron Banner for all Destiny 2 players, whether or not they’ve bought into the expansion.

Shadowkeep will bring owners the exotic quest for Leviathan’s breath on October 22, an exotic quest for Divinity and a new dungeon on October 29, a raid challenge on November 5, and ‘final assault’ of the Vex offensive mode on November 19. All players will get access to the new PvP mode, Momentum Control, on October 29, and the Festival of the Lost will similarly be available from then until November 19.

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