Part of the mission statement behind Destiny 2’s impending soft relaunch is that players shouldn’t have barriers to enjoying the same content their friends are playing. To that end, Bungie plans to seriously level the playing field when it comes to power progression. When the Shadowkeep release date hits, a power floor is going into place.

Instead of starting from zero, new players will begin with a power level of 750, and existing characters will automatically be boosted to that level. 750 will be the new floor for items as well, and all your inventory and vault items will similarly rocket up to that level. That means you should probably stop infusing any items you’re not actively using until Shadowkeep hits.

Recent seasons have offered quick paths to bigger power levels, but implementing a full floor on power is a new step. “Raising the power of all players globally is indicative of a greater problem,” game director Luke Smith says. “It’s real weird that someone will boot up New Light for the first time and immediately be 750.”

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