The 7th of July marks the official Bungie Day celebration, and this year it’s bringing new triumphs to the game. As with last year’s event, players will be able to earn unique rewards for completing various challenges throughout the game.

The event will begin on Tuesday, with the weekly reset, a unique ship, emblem, sparrow, t-shirt, and titles up for grabs. Bungie says Year 2 Moments of Triumph will take players across the solar system, with a total of five reward tiers.

Players only have to complete one triumph to earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 emblem. Complete five, and they’ll unlock a sparrow, while 10 will net them a shiny new ship. As with last year, the completion of 15 challenges gives a discount on a custom $777,777 t-shirt. Do all 20 of the tasks, and you can expect a seal and title.

Unfortunately, that will require ownership of the game’s season pass. While you can earn up to 15 with the Forsaken DLC, the final five require the latest content. The full list is as follows:

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