Destiny 2’s fire-belching exotic shotgun Lord of Wolves is, as Rich has observed, extremely broken right now, with its release the wolves perk now available on demand simply by holding the reload key. Bungie is aware of the issue, but a fix won’t be coming out until at least next month, to allow the development team to work normal hours.

Bungie creative director Luke Smith explained on a recent dev stream (spotted by Polygon) that since the team is currently working on the next Destiny 2 patch, and that addressing the issues with Lord of Wolves would require the studio to crunch – requiring the team to work longer hours and potentially weekends. That’s something Bungie isn’t keen on doing so soon after asking the team to work long hours to complete Contest mode.

That’s perhaps a bit of a bummer for PvP players who either don’t have or don’t like Lord of Wolves, but Smith said everyone who participates in Iron Banner this week will earn a special triumph that marks the insane Lord of Wolves week.

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