Yesterday we learned that Destiny 2 will be adding what is essentially a battle pass system, providing a steady stream of rewards on both a free and a premium track. Director Luke Smith has clarified one detail about the Season Rank system: it will follow your guardian wherever you decide to play Destiny 2.

“Your Season Pass and its progression will travel with your Cross Saved Guardian,” Smith tweeted. “Meaning: set up Cross Save and when you own the Season Pass (if that’s what you’re into) play it anywhere your Guardian is.”

That’s certainly welcome news, particularly for players planning on taking advantage of cross saving once the (original) Shadowkeep release date rolls around. And it makes sense – having the Season Pass account-linked means you’ll only have one progress meter to work on filling, and one opportunity to earn rewards at each tier.

Those rewards include materials, weapons, and even the occasional engram (Destiny’s version of a loot box), and so if you were hoping Season Ranks might serve up an easy opportunity for engram farming, you’re somewhat out of luck – you’ll just have to knock out the experience the old fashioned way.

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