Bungie previously revealed that Destiny 2 is getting a new dungeon as part of Shadowkeep, and today we’ve actually gotten some details on what it will look like – along with a whole lot more on what’s coming in a substantial preview video for the new expansion, and some hints about what the game’s “evolving world” will look like.

The new dungeon lands on October 29 – as detailed in the Season of the Undying roadmap – and will be available to anyone who’s purchased Shadowkeep. In the new video, producer Katherine Walker explains that the dungeon is set “deep within the moon,” and that players will navigate down a chasm across all sorts of deadly traps.

This is just the second dungeon for Destiny 2, after the Shattered Throne introduced the content type way back in Forsaken. Either way, the intent is the same – it’s a raid-like experience built with similarly challenging bosses and puzzle mechanics, but it’s shorter to complete and works for three-player fireteams.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/destiny-2/shadowkeep-dungeon