Since the launch of Forsaken a year ago, Destiny 2’s Hunters and Warlocks have known one great fear: the One-Eyed Mask. The Titan Exotic has been running wild in Crucible ever since, and an early nerf never quite knocked it off its perch. Now, another OEM nerf is coming – though again, it might not be enough to knock the item off its perch.

OEM’s Vengeance perk will no longer grant an overshield when you beat an opponent that’s damaged you. “Next Season,” as the devs explain in the latest This Week at Bungie, “this perk will continue to provide health regeneration when defeating an opponent that has inflicted damage upon your Guardian, but it will no longer grant an overshield.”

So yes, OEM will still totally give you wallhacks. That part isn’t changing, and as long as that’s the case, it’s still going to be an immensely powerful tool – but hey, at least it’s not doing much more than that anymore.

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