Hideo Kojima revealed on Twitter that Death Stranding’s baby will be right next to the player, at least it’s voice will. The baby, called a BB in the game, will likely make all sorts of cute and not-so-cute sounds from the canister that protagonist Sam carries with him. Those sounds will be projected through the controller, if the player needs it as a setting.

Kojima’s Tweet makes it sound like this is a feature that is tied specifically to the special edition Death Stranding controller (pictured above) which comes with the PlayStation 4 bundle, but there’s a chance it may work with every PlayStation 4 controller

Death Stranding is just a month away now, releasing on November 8. If you pick up the game, will you have BB’s voice come out of the controller?


Original source: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/09/30/death-strandings-baby-will-communicate-through-playstation-4s-controller