The free-to-play multiplayer monster hunting game Dauntless is receiving its first major update in just a couple days, titled Fortune and Glory.

The update brings new challenges called Trials, two new Hunt Passes, an in-game store called Lady Luck’s Shop, and pirate gear. Trials will have players go head-to-head against bosses that have different modifiers and you will earn Steel Marks (a new currency) for completing them. A new “Dauntless” difficulty will award Gilded Marks instead, which is a rarer currency that allows you to buy more uncommon and unique cosmetic items.

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This update also kicks off a new season called High Skies which comes with two Hunt Passes. Fire and Glory officially launches on July 16.

Dauntless is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. It officially released on May 21, and accumulated a player base of 6 million in its first week and has now reached over 12 million players.

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