This week, some prominent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamers received DMCA takedowns for broadcasting play from the Berlin Major 2019. Event organiser StarLadder maintains that it holds exclusive rights to broadcast tournament action, while streamers say they’ve always been able to co-broadcast Majors in the past.

This is the first time StarLadder has hosted a CS:GO Major, but these biannual, Valve-sponsored tournaments represent the biggest competitive events for the venerable shooter. In addition to streaming broadcasts through Twitch and the like, you can also view the action in-game through the GOTV viewer, and this is where the trouble starts.

Players who’d been restreaming the Berlin Major from GOTV soon received DCMA takedowns from StarLadder. Mythic’s Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom tells theScore esports that he received no prior notice before the DMCA was issued, and that – contrary to how past Major rebroadcasts have worked – StarLadder later told him that he should’ve reached out to the organisers before starting his broadcast.

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