Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s next operation is out right now – as if Valve’s announcement of Half-Life: Alyx out of nowhere on a Monday night weren’t enough. Operation Shattered Web brings a whole bunch of features to the game, including new maps, agents to unlock, an accolade system to highlight your accomplishments, and a battle pass.

Shattered Web’s progression system is even more battle pass-like than previous operation passes. Your pass will level up with stars that you earn for completing weekly in-game missions, and will give you access to new cosmetics. The new pass is also significantly more expensive this time around – you’ll be able to pick it up for $15 USD.

Agents are characters that can be equipped on either the T or CT side, and Master Agents spice up the cosmetic options with unique voices and animations – you’ll get one of these special skins for reaching 100 stars. The new operation also features three new weapons collections with designs from community artists.

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