Crusader Kings 3 is on the way next year, and Paradox’s latest grand strategy game offers plenty of ways for you to express yourself. ‘Expression’ as medieval ruler typically involves a lot of sex. After all, you’ve got to build marriage alliances. You’ve got to produce heirs. And you’ve got to destroy it all by getting caught in scandalously stupid affairs.

Lifestyle perks, for example, let you do things like remove your own sexual preferences so as to better manipulate your fellows. It seems that Crusader Kings 3’s possibilities are so extensive in this regard that the game even features a procedural sex scene generator. It seems you’ll really be able to get your Game of Thrones fantasies in order.

It’s a silly example, but it indicates that the developers are trying to make the game’s random events feel more like consequences for your actions rather than, well, random events. As content design lead Maximilian Olbers tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun, events were previously “generated by basic game state parameters and a random timer. We’re successfully moving away from that now – virtually every event in Crusader Kings 3 is a direct consequence of either an action that you did, or an AI actor in your vicinity.”

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