What you need to know

  • FilmNoir has a big new update out with a number of new features and improvements.
  • New context menus are available throughout the app.
  • Lists can be more easily managed and an inline video player handles trailers and media.

The FilmNoir app is now all about the context menus for easier handling of entries and more.

FilmNoir, a movie and TV show tracker that uses the Trakt service, has a big new version 1.7 update available for download today. The iPhone app has gained a new, modern menu interface, improved sorting options, and more.

The new update, which is available for all existing users right now via the App Store, adds a ton of improvements alongside the usual array of fixes. Top of the list is a collection of new context menus. Long-press on just about anything and you’ll now see the different ways you can interact with it — a big improvement.

Other improvements include new alternate icons, trending lists, and an updated RSS feed that delivers timely news across the entertainment industry. A new inline media player can display trailers and whatnot, too.

  • Context menus everywhere! Long tap on any cell to see all options. Quickly perform any action without opening the detail view.
  • Updated more menu in movie, tv show, season and episode detail views with all available user actions (Requires iOS 15).
  • Added option in your personal lists to sort by created date.
  • List items can be removed by long tapping and choosing “Delete this item”.
  • A list can be deleted by long tapping and choosing “Delete this list”.
  • Added inline video player for trailers and media.
  • News open in Safari in the app.
  • Sorting by name ignores articles by default.
  • Added new alternate icons.
  • Added support for redeeming offer codes in the app.
  • Added trending lists in Explore section.
  • Updated RSS feeds for News

You’ll need iOS 15 to get the most out of this update, but with iOS 16 just around the corner, you’re all updated anyway, right? Those who don’t yet have FilmNoir installed can get it from the App Store now. It’s a free download with a subscription unlocking additional functionality. If you need to track the TV shows and movies in your life, this is one of the best iPhone apps for doing it.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/content-tracker-filmnoir-gains-context-menus-new-sorting-options-more