The FIFA 20 Global Series – EA’s annual esports effort for the game – opened registration today, but sign-ups were quickly taken offline after prospective players began to report seeing others’ personal info during the registration process. EA says it’s “aware of a potential issue” and is investigating, but in the meantime, players aren’t happy.

When you entered the registration page, you would see the email address, account ID, location, date of birth, and console account name of someone who had previously registered – no tricks or workarounds necessary. That was noted by Australian streamer Crispy (via our sister site, The Loadout).

Crispy asks “This has to be illegal right?” That sentiment has broadly been shared by the competitive FIFA community. Kurt Fenech similarly says “before I get to the absolute farce of that competitive bullshit, when you click the link register for verification you get other people’s personal information! WTF, this is a new low even for this joke of a company.”

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