Command & Conquer: Remastered was announced last year just as it started to enter development, which means we’ve been getting just a slow trickle of news on the release as the developers work on restoring C&C. That’s mostly included brief glimpses at new art and UI, and today’s update is no exception – but there is one extra detail for the hardcore fans.

The remaster will include a new mission select screen to make it easier to select and replay missions, and quickly watch cutscenes associated with the stages you’ve completed. This is an additional quality-of-life feature rather than a replacement interface, as EA’s Jim Vessella confirms on Reddit.

This interface shows buttons for the GDI, Nod, and Covert Operations missions, as well as one with a T-rex – which likely represents what Vessella calls “a few bonus missions players may be familiar with.” Yep, it looks like secret, Jurassic Park-themed mini-campaign is making a comeback.

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