Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will mostly do away with the timed PlayStation 4-exclusive maps, modes that have been with the series for years, opening up post-launch content across platforms in service of the new cross-play features. But Activision’s partnership with Sony isn’t done yet – the “exciting day one advantage” the publisher mentioned in a blog last week has been unveiled alongside the new campaign trailer.

The cooperative Special Ops segment of the game will have a Survival mode, likely similar to the mode in Modern Warfare 3 – though the brief teaser today doesn’t offer much gameplay detail. We do see a bit of what appears to be the AC-130 gunship, some Juggernaut suits, and soldiers retreating behind traps, so that all suggests the expected dose of wave-based survival.

You’ll only be able to play Survival on PlayStation 4 until October 1, 2020, when it’ll be available on Xbox One and PC. In other words, until the next Call of Duty launches and a whole bunch of your potential co-op partners have moved onto the new game.

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