In the ongoing struggle against cheaters and hackers, Infinity Ward has released a statement asking that players not use unauthorized software when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. A fresh set of bans is on the way, the developer says, and anyone caught will be susceptible to banning.

The statement was released on Twitter, outlining four points as Infinity Ward works to keep the FPS games free from cheating. The first is simple and succinct – cheating will not be tolerated, and more bans are coming. The second is a plea to not user third-party add-ons that manipulate the multiplayer games, pointing out this includes hex editors that give you equipment you haven’t properly earned.

This carries into point three, which outlines more of what IW considers illegal third-party software, including aimbots, wallhacks, texture hacks, and more. Finally, point four says to avoid guides or services that alter your camo or loadout. Anything that modifies your PC or console in order to get shiny new gear that you haven’t otherwise got tied to your account is against the rules, and could result in a ban.

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