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House of Ashes and the Science of Sound

SummaryLearn about the cinematic approach to the music for House of Ashes.There is a complex hybrid system of film and game music techniques used to fully immerse the player in the cinematic experience of the Dark Pictures.House...

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Age of Empires IV Hotkeys Revealed

Jump to your Town Center, queue up a quick chat with your team, and find that dang Idle Villager who’s just been hanging out taking up space. Today we’re excited to give an early look at some of the hotkeys you’ll have in your...

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Mainframe Defenders Now Available

Mainframe Defenders is a classic turn-based strategy game that pays tribute to the classic series such as X-COM (1994), MechCommander (1998), and Syndicate (1987). We wanted to bring the player back to the days of old school...

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