With Evo coming up soon and Street Fighter V being surprisingly bumped from the closing event slot, a lot of people were expecting Capcom to close the curtain on three-year-old fighting game by announcing a new one. Whether Street Fighter V’s swan song will be at this Evo is still up to debate, but it won’t be because of Street Fighter VI.

This is according to Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono, who has taken to Twitter to calm down anyone that is expecting a completely brand new Street Fighter title next week.

Ono specifically says they will be focusing on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition right now, basically closing the door on any tricks like calling it Street Fighter VI instead of 6 or something like that. It does make sense ⁠— if they were announcing a new Street Fighter, it for sure would have closed the event. If they aren’t closing the event, they sure as heck are not going to announce a Street Fighter VI there.

With PlayStation sponsoring the event, people were expecting a big reveal from Sony and Capcom together. If there is one, it likely has more to do with Street Fighter V than anything that comes after. Evo 2019 takes place August 2 through 4.

Original source: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/07/25/capcoms-yoshinori-ono-says-you-shouldnt-expect-street-fighter-vi-at-evo