The Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Season 1 start date is set for December, about a month after the game’s initial launch on November 13. As with Modern Warfare, the first batch of seasonal content will hit a month late – the difference this year is that there’s Warzone to consider, too. It seems that the Warzone changes we’re expecting will have to wait for December, too.

Activision confirmed that Season 1 will start for both Cold War and Warzone in December as part of today’s financial earnings call. Progression between the games will work just as it did with Modern Warfare and Warzone, as all your Cold War unlocks will carry over to the battle royale. Warzone won’t remove access to your Modern Warfare stuff, either, and you’ll be able to select between your Modern Warfare and Cold War loadouts when you come in.

Those are just preliminary details – more info will be distributed to the community within “the next week or two”, which will be just ahead of Cold War’s launch.

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