The Call of Duty community works quick – a day into launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, and players have already discovered many of the strange Easter eggs. One such reference in the FPS game is a nod to the coffin dance of the Ghanian pallbearers in Zombies, complete with disco music and light show.

The Easter egg was shared on Reddit by user LooperGamer, who made a quick clip of what happens when you trigger the secret. In the video, a sudden dancefloor has consumed one of the upper landings of the map, covered in flourescent lighting as a groovy beat flows in from a source unknown. The zombies have stopped trying to ravenously eat the players, instead opting to mimic the moves of internet celebrities, Ghana’s dancing pallbearers, even hoisting a nearby crate for full effect.

The event happens around a Pack-a-Punch machine – you’re looking for five blue orbs hidden in the surrounding area. Shoot all five, you get your disco zombie breakdown. This doesn’t freeze the match or anything though, so do be careful not to get too comfortable flexing your dance skills in the zombie game.

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