Bungie’s unexpected split with publisher Activision at the beginning of the year seemed like a dramatic turn for the studio that’s been making Destiny games for nearly ten years. And while Bungie has announced some massive changes coming to Destiny 2 since then – moving from Battle.net to Steam, allowing cross-saves, and a free-to-play version – parting ways with Activision hasn’t had as big an impact on how the studio works as an outsider might naturally think.

Eurogamer spoke with Bungie communications director David “Deej” Dague at Gamescom this week, and he provided some clarity about the relationship the studio had with the mega-publisher, and what’s changed since they split.

“Day to day on the development side, things aren’t that different, really,” he said. “In terms of decision making, our creative leads are still calling the shots like they always were on what they want the game to be.”

The notion that Activision was compelling Bungie to make Destiny a certain way, or that the publisher was micromanaging studio decisions, simply isn’t true, Dague said.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/destiny-2/bungie-activision-friendly-split