The next big step in Digital Extremes’ free-to-play space shooter Warframe is the Empyrean expansion, which still doesn’t have a release date other than 2020, but it’s looking incredibly exciting – and now the game has taken a medium step toward Empyrean with the Warframe Rising Tide update, which is has just launched.

Indeed, the tagline for this update is “prepare for Empyrean”, but Rising Tide is a big update for Warframe in its own right. For starters, you can build you own giant battleship. You can work yourself, or in a clan, to build the Dry Dock – described as an “all-in-one workshop and garage” for the giant Railjack battleship.

After the Dry Dock is completed, you’ll be sent on a series of missions throughout the Origin system – orchestrated by a reluctant AI called Cephalon Cy – to gather parts for the Railjack. Once constructed, you’ll be able to take the Railjack into battle in Empyrean – as well as customize it outside of missions with new weapons, parts and mods.

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