What you need to know

  • You can now buy the Brydge Pro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard at Verizon stores around the US.
  • The keyboard is built like a tank with its aluminum finish and clamps on the iPad turning it into a laptop of sorts.
  • Customer can pick up the 11-inch model ($149.99) or 12-inch model ($169.99).

This keyboard turns your iPad Pro into a MacBook.

Brydge’s Pro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad Pro will now be available at Verizon stores across the country. If you haven’t heard of this keyboard, then you are missing out because it basically turns the iPad Pro into a MacBook. And now it is easier than ever to buy one.

Starting today, you can walk into any of the more than 1,600 Verizon stores across the US and pick up the Brydge Pro Wireless Keyboard for the iPad Pro. The keyboard is available for both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models and it comes in a sleek Space Gray finish to match Apple’s tablet hardware.

The keyboard provides the full QWERTY keyboard experience for the iPad Pro in a very sturdy package. It is made out of aluminum and clamps onto the edges of the iPad that turns it into a laptop of sorts.

Some of the standout features for the keyboard are its backlit keys, something Apple’s own Smart Folio keyboard cannot boast, and iOS shortcut keys that make it super easy to get around the iPad, especially with iPadOS coming soon.

The smaller 11-inch Brydge Pro Wireless Keyboard retails for $149.99 and the bigger 12.9-inch model goes for $169.99.

Type with purpose

Brydge Pro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

$150 at Verizon

Maximize your iPad Pro

The Brydge Pro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a fantastic option to add a new dimension to the iPad Pro. Apple considers it a pro machine and this keyboard certainly unlocks a lot of that potential and adds even more features with its back-lit keys.

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