Chris Brock, Gearbox senior product producer and one of the key figures behind Borderlands 3, spoke to us at Gamescom about the challenges of finding a good time to announce a game and the new normal of unending development cycles.

Brock discusses waiting several years before revealing Borderlands 3, and the perils of striking at just the right time so that anticipation hasn’t grown stale. “it doesn’t feel like there’s anything that great that can happen by saying ‘in three years we’ll have a game.’ It doesn’t feel like there’s any benefit to that,” he tells us. “People can be excited, and then you disappoint them by telling them how far away it is. Or you don’t say anything for too long, and they think ‘cool, that’s vaporware, we don’t believe that exists anymore’. We wanted to not show up until we were ready to really show up.”

He wasn’t kidding, Borderlands 3 wasn’t shown to anyone until March this year, a cool four years on from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. But sure enough, it just made all the buzz that much greater.

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