Borderlands 3 is starting to see its first handful of post-launch updates, and now that players have put the Vault Hunters through their paces, we’re starting to see some substantial balance changes. After yesterday’s major patch fixed the Killavolt fight, today’s hotfix addresses some of the most common issues with the player characters.

Zane, who players quickly found to be the weakest VH in the late game, gets some broad buffs to make up the utility gap. The Digi-Clone will now do 38% more damage across the board, and the drone has similarly had its damage boosted by 50%, and that’s not all for the drone. Cryo bullets no longer have a damage penalty, drone rockets now do 50% more damage, and almighty ordnance rockets have had their damage boosted by 75%.

On the other end of the balance seesaw, FL4K is getting some (relatively minor) nerfs focused on the Guerillas in the Mist skill. It now lasts six seconds instead of eight, and the crit bonus has been reduced from 50% to 25%.

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