Hearthstone’s next big expansion launches next month, but a new patch has set the stage for Saviors of Uldum ahead of time. While the July 1 patch features the usual shuffling of cards around the Hall of Fame and Classic sets, players have been more concerned about what appears to be censorship.

Eight Hearthstone cards have received new pieces of art in the update. Bite, which originally showed an animal with bloody jaws biting into the shoulder of another creature, now shows the animal simply snarling. Deadly Shot previously had an arrow piercing the chest of a figure in armour – now it’s simply an arrow in flight.

Art featuring female characters in sexually provocative poses has similarly been altered. Secretkeeper and Windfury Harpy have new art in more neutral poses, though they’re both still in revealing costumes. Mistress of Pain has received new art and been renamed to the mildly less BDSM-flavoured title of Queen of Pain.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/hearthstone/censorship