BioWare has issued an update on its current goings-on, discussing the future of Anthem, the new DLC coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the smallest of reminders that more Dragon Age is in the offing.

In a posted titled September Update on the BioWare blog, general manager Casey Hudson ran through the lay of the land on the studio’s various projects. First, he mentions the “great” response Anthem’s Cataclysm event has apparently received, before acknowledging ongoing serious criticism of the loot shooter. “We have plans for those more fundamental improvements, but they’ll take time,” Casey writes. “While the team works towards the longer-term vision of the game, they will also continue to deliver updates to features and content. I believe in Anthem and would love to see its world grow, evolve, and thrive for years to come.”

Next, Hudson mentions visiting the offices in Austin, Texas to check out the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Onslaught. He doesn’t have much to add other than the team are working hard to deliver the new content as promised. “I love seeing the team’s enthusiasm and passion for SWTOR,” He stated. “Nearly eight years after the initial launch, they are demonstrating their long-term commitment to the game with an ambitious update.”

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